About Naomi

I’m a celebrity makeup artist for a variety of famous clients and at prestigious functions. Fashion / Bridal / Celebrity / Beauty / TV / Music / Lessons

My job is not to change people; it is to empower them to have the confidence to be who they are on the inside.

I have been working in the Make-up industry since 2005. Specialising in numerous aspects of make-up, such as: fashion, TV, celebrity, bridal, teaching and commercial work. 
During this time I have won a number of awards including trips to both Beijing and Turkey.
I have had the privilege of helping many brides look their best for their special day, also working with a variety of famous clients, I really enjoy working with creative people. 

I have always been creative, studying Fine art at university before discovering an outlet in the world of make-up.
You can treat the face like a 3D canvas with the bonus of meeting lovely people and forming emotional connections. 
In particular I get inspiration from paintings, films and nature, using make-up to convey a story or an emotion.

I have always loved being around people but as a teenager I developed acne, so became very self-conscious, using make-up was a liberating experience that helped restore my confidence. My goal is to use make-up to express who I am, not as a mask to hide behind. I try to instill this belief in others and enable them to be who they want to be.

I have a passion for make-up and have taught in colleges and given lessons and demonstrations for private groups.

Next Steps…

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